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DiscriminaTory Measures

January 3, 2006

We recently discussed whether or not we should be covering the national state of the Conservative party. Originally the blog was intended purely to track the work (or lack thereof) of the Tories specifically in Surrey. However, with so many changes going on up in that head office of theirs, we thought it’d be wrong not to compare and contrast real Tories in Surrey with the “liberal conservative” mask that they’ve elected as leader. Cameron’s Conservatives – a new definition for the phrase “make shit shine”.

Cameron aims for more women MPs

“Until we’re represented by men and women in the country, regardless of race or creed, we won’t be half the country we could be,” he said in a speech on candidate selection in Leeds. He said his positive action plan was not about “crazed political correctness”, but would guarantee more women and ethnic minorities in winnable seats.

Now, far be it for this blog to suggest that all attempts at decreasing the gender gap in parliament could be labelled as positive discrimination, it is always entertaining to see a Tory have a hack at equality. It’s just a shame that he thinks the answer to discrimination on grounds of gender is to discriminate further on grounds of gender. A suggestion for our friend Dave: the country would be a much better country if you investigated as to why very few women are putting themselves forward for parliament, and solve the cause rather than the symptoms.

As the old saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words:


Welcome to our blog

December 28, 2005

We are a group of people living in Surrey, rather disgruntled with the way that the local Tories seem to take the entire county for granted simply because it’s “true blue heartland”. We have decided that this should not happen – whoever is an elected representative in Surrey should be representing every single one of us to the best of their ability, no matter what the political affiliation of the constituents in question, and no matter how large or small the majority of the sitting MP is.

If you have anything you feel is missing from the site, whether that be links to external blogs/websites, or something rather original that you think will help our goals, please get in contact: Otherwise, let the fun begin…