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Whoops #2

March 9, 2006

It seems our good friend Mr Jeremy Hunt, MP for South West Surrey, seems to be making a habit of slipping up in the Commons:

MP says sorry to school (Surrey Ad)
MP Jeremy Hunt has apologised for singling out a Godalming school in a Commons debate on health inequalities. Parents of pupils at St Mark’s Church of England Primary School were angered by comments made by Mr Hunt in his speech, branding them an insult to the school and the community.

During the debate, the South West Surrey MP used the school as an example of how the current NHS funding formula punishes poor families in rich areas.

He told MPs that the school – which was rated as the most improved primary school in Surrey and the fourth most improved in the country – was “somewhere where social break-down, a lack of education and a lack of money lead to less healthy diets and worse health outcomes”.

We eagerly await strike #3.



March 4, 2006

Somebody didn’t do their research:

Jeremy Hunt: Given that more than 1 million hard-of-hearing people say that they use subtitles whenever they can, does not the Prime Minister think that it sets an extremely bad example that there is no such facility on our own Parliament channel and will he take urgent action to make sure that deaf people have the same access to democracy as everyone else?

To which the Prime Minister answered:

For once, I am in the happy position of saying that it is not up to me to decide how Parliament arranges its affairs, but I am sure that those who are looking at these things will—[Laughter.] I do not know that an outbreak of laughter is the right response from my right hon. Friend—[Interruption.] I am sure he will. No doubt discussions in the usual channels can take place; but it is a matter not for me but for Parliament.

So, either Mr Hunt was simply bandwagoning by asking a question that he knew was not in the remit of the PM for the sake of looking like he cared; or he hadn’t done his research properly.

Having said that, this blog supports his point, but there are better avenues to put it across.  Maybe when young Mr Hunt has a bit more experience, we should expect better research and more substance.