Are her days numbered?

Yes, it has been a while, but we can assure all our readers that we've taken time out to simply discuss and analyse the way we currently run the site. However, we're back, and things will start to look a bit more exciting over the next few weeks.

No website holding a group accountable would be complete without their very own mole (or moles). And it has come to our attention that one of our insiders has heard rumours that various top conservative politicians are extremely concerned with Anne Milton and her performance as Guildford's MP.  These rumours also mention that these politicians are extremely worried about losing the marginal seat at the hands of the "utterly useless" incumbent in the next General Election.

So, is it time for the local party to deselect and select somebody new? Perhaps Nick St Aubyn deserves another shot?


One Response to “Are her days numbered?”

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