Guildford MP AWOL

They seek her here, they seek her there…
On the evening of Dec 14 2005, a major local action group (CBAG) held a large public meeting and invited Anne as the MP. She declined, opting to send her researcher (not a Tory councillor, but her researcher). Former MP Sue Doughty was invited instead. The meeting and its outcome was deemed worthy of a front page article in the local newspaper. Nothing in the record at Hansard suggests that Parliamentary matters kept Amme away on this date, and the House closed fairly early that day.


7 Responses to “Guildford MP AWOL”

  1. Chris Ward Says:

    This site is run by Guildford Liberal Democrats. For further info, please do get in touch: 01483 306000

    Chris Ward
    Guildford Liberal Democrats

  2. surreytories Says:

    Been as Mike Chambers is one of our favourite Tories, we’d like to inform readers that the IP address of the above comment, by “Chris Ward” apparently, is exactly the same as the one posted by Mike Chambers in a previous thread. Looks Like David Cameron isn’t the only one stealing Lib Dem clothes.

  3. Jeremy Horst Says:

    Tim Ireland and Chris Ward were effective in trashing certain local Tories last year because they were on target, topical and most important of all, open about their identities. This site is just second hand, third rate, knocking-copy. Read Tim Ireland’s bloggerheads site carefully and learn something.

  4. Alan Muhammed Says:

    Could someone please verify who made the last post claiming to be by “Chris Ward”, cross check the IP address with previous posts believed to be by Mike Chambers & tell me directly who is who.

    Until then I’ve had to suspend access to another site redirecting to this which somebody would know about if the above post were true.

  5. surreytories Says:

    OK, it’s getting old now. The allegations that suggest who runs this blog have been removed (apart from the rather humourous one where ‘Mike Chambers’ pretended to be ‘Chris Ward).

    Thank you Jeremy for your input. However, I don’t see how hiding our identities hinders our work in any sense. We are members of the Surrey electorate, and we have every right to keep our representatives accountable.

    Of course, if you don’t want to visit it, you don’t have to. 🙂

  6. Alan Muhammed Says:

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Just to let you know, a few weeks back Dennis Paul had a link on his main website to a blog website, which has since disappeared, however, the site still exists, you may wish to add it to the menu if you think it’s useful.

    I won’t post the exact link, if you’re interested, search for a username of dennis-paul on a space.

  7. David Orchard Says:

    Comment removed due to offensive content.

     Oh, and the IP that made the comment was, just in case anybody is interested.

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