Dennis Paul likes teh alco-ma-hol

In true festive fashion, Dennis Paul has hit out at those bloggers who have given him a hard time over the past year (we assume these are Tim Ireland and Chris Ward, but there may be more we don’t know about). In a rather colloquial style, he states:

It’s been a year of sour grapes in 2005 for my opponents, but hey, why let a few blog pips spoil the cask…this years been vintage!! I’m trying out some Gardony wine over the festive season in anticipation of a new storm brewing!!!
Chin up…it’s only politics…see you in 2006!!

Indeed, some people do regard it as only politics. A Merry Christmas to you Dennis, and a Happy 2006.


3 Responses to “Dennis Paul likes teh alco-ma-hol”

  1. Anon Says:

    English lessons anyone?

  2. Mike Chambers Says:

    Mr Chris Ward, do be careful not to make it too obvious your behind this site.

  3. surreytories Says:

    And the speculation begins… 😉

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